Version 1.0.4

In addition to a couple of bug fixes, the overall intention of this update was to make subsequent playthroughs more enjoyable for those that are looking to get the other endings or seeking an extra challenge. To that end, the primary new addition in this version is the inclusion of Chaos Quest settings, which you can use to tweak the difficulty of the game to make it easier, harder, or more interesting depending on your preferences.

To access Chaos Quest settings, you must clear the game at least once. Before being returned to the title screen, a message will display that new settings have been added in the Options menu.  Once unlocked, these settings will stay available for you to use across all save files.

If you have already cleared the game before this update, you will have to go back and defeat the final boss again to get access to these new features. Your cleared save file from before this update will not unlock these settings. I am sorry for the inconvenience.  

Warning: Due to the unpredictable nature outcomes some of these settings will introduce, I recommend keeping multiple backup save files to fall back on.


- System options menu where you can adjust the audio levels for the game.

- Chaos Quest Settings:

- Change Target Rate: Enemies are more likely to target allies with lower SP.

- Healing Save Points: When touching a save point, you now have the option to permanently destroy it to fully heal your party. There is no limit on the amount of times you can save on each point, but you can no longer save once you heal the party with it.

- More EXP from Stronger Enemies: Lower level allies will earn more EXP when facing stronger foes. EXP decay for beating lower level enemies remains unaffected.

- Ally Damage Rate:  a % value that can be adjusted to  increase or decrease damage inflicted on allies. Enemies are unaffected by this setting.

- Item Gamble: a  % chance that you will either obtain double the pickup or have it crumble apart in your hands. This setting will not affect weapons, armor, or key items found in the field.

Bug Fixes:

- Lord's Sabre was not transferred to Mia's inventory if you defeated the Duelist In Brecellian Darkwood as Aeyr in the prologue. This has been fixed.

- As a consequence of this bug fix, if the Lord's Sabre is in your inventory in the Eastern Lakreshin Valley, the Duelist Black Spout will change into Vengeful Duelist, a harder version of Duelist which will give you more rewards and EXP. 

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